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Stepdaughter Sandra

Current Age: 39
Age when it happend: 37
Where it happened: Our Home , Living room, Family Room, Bed Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Two years ago I married Andrea, who was divorced with a daughter, Sandra. Sandra is 17 and is as sexy looking as her Mom. She’s still in high school and has her own room here in our house.

There are times when the three of us are walking around the house in various states of undress. It’s just inevitable, and when I see either Andrea or Sandra, I can’t help but get a boner. As I said, they both have fabulous looking bodies. Every time Sandra sees me, she gives me the nicest smile a step daughter can give.

The sex with Andrea has always been absolutely super, even before we got married, but the sex with Sandra started about 6 months after her Mom and I got married. It was a Saturday, a little after noon,and Andrea had gone out shopping. I was coming out of our bedroom , having slept in late, and while walking down the hallway to the kitchen, in my underwear shorts, I encountered Sandra, coming out of the bathroom, wearing a small shorty robe. We looked at each other briefly. She smiled, and then I gathered her into my arms. She melted against me as we began to kiss . My boner began to rub against her , and she began to press hard against it. God, did that feel good.

We went back to my bedroom, where we both got naked and she gave me this absolutely wonderful blow job. It was obvious she had done this before. And then we fucked. And fucked! And FUCKED!! I think we must have used a half dozen different positions. I didn’t use a condom because I had not bought any for several years. This was foolish, but we took a chance and It turned out O.K.

Since that afternoon, Sandra and I have been having sex quite regularly, whenever we are able to be alone together. This is several times a month. She has a box of condoms in her bedroom for my use. Frankly, I hate those things, but until she gets on birth control, it’s better to use them.

Thus far,Andrea has no idea that I am doing “double duty.” If she did know, she’d probably go bonkers and divorce me.But for now, at least, this arrangement is working out very nicely. Sex with my 37 year old wife is great. Sex with my 17 year old step daughter is even better.Life is good. Sex is great!

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